Thursday, 24 September 2015

Health Volunteer Program by Sankalp Volunteer - Haridwar.

Started the volunteer programs in this season with the yoga teachers in rural area & in Diksha Public School.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Distribution of free bags to 50 Needy children of Diksha Public School

Diksha Public School Society has distributed free bags to 50 Needy children of Diksha Public School with the help of Sri Swami Sharad Puri Ji. If someone want to donate or sponsor a child, Please visit the website to find out how you can help us to help others. Namaste! web:  

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Distribution of bags to Poor Children

Distribution of bags to poor children by Ria Himmelsbach (Germany)  in Diksha Public School. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

A Training has given by Ria Himmelsbach

            A training has given by RIA Himmelsbach from Germany to Diksha Public School’s students on the topic of “schools of India & Germany”- a difference & similarity & asking some general questions to students while training.


Friday, 3 October 2014

Chairman's Message

Mrs. Rajni Chauhan ardent love for modern education inspired her to integrate the two aimed at dispelling ignorance amongst the young offering social service and preparing youth for a future harmonious society. Being born in a sacred family and the devotee of Maa Vaishnaov Devi, she showed sign of social welfare during her childhood. Her entire life, she works on needy people and for development of village/town area through education. She impart knowledge about the importance of education to the people of villages. She supported many needy children under the help of Guru Mahesh ji (Gujarat), swami Amlanand Ji ( Tripura yogashram) and Mr. Bhrampal Choudhary ji (Roorkee) viz. providing food to hungry, clothes to the needy and knowledge to those in darkness.

In the year 1994, humble beginning was made by Mrs. Rajni Chauhan w/o of Mr. Krishan Chauhan by establishing Diksha Public School at Dhanpura, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. The experience and hardwork of Mrs. Rajni Chauhan always motivate the staff and the students of school. Diksha Public School is founded on the idea of imparting an integrated education to the children of all religion, castes, creeds, colors and nation.

In year 2010-11, Diksha Public School organized a magazine named “ Sankalp ”, which means ‘Goal’. In which, Guru Mahesh ji (Gujarat), Swami Amlanand ji (Chairman of Tripura yogashram), Harish Rawat (Chief Minister of Uttarakhand), Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal (Ex Chief Minister of Uttarakhand), Swami Sharad Puri ji (Chairman of Shivedale School), Mahant Rishishwaranand ji (Chairman of Chetan Jyoti Ashram), Dr. Santosh Chauhan ji (Ex principal of Mahila College,Kankhal), etc had given their messages for the magazine with their best wishes for the aim of Diksha Public School.


Diksha Public School aims to provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise afford it. Diksha Public School :-

  •  Take education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills
  • Strive to make children fluent in English and adept in computer skills
  • Adopt a nurturing, holistic approach to education, helping children realize their full potential
  • Actively promote education of female children
  • Increase educational awareness in rural communities
  • Preserve village identities and culture.
Diksha Public School, D.P.S. initiative of Diksha Public School Society, is committed to raise the level of education and literacy in rural India and help disadvantaged children realize their potential. The project seeks to ensure quality education for children in rural areas in order to create equal opportunities for all to participate in and benefit from India's economic growth.

Diksha Public School offers several opportunities for committed individuals and socially responsible corporations to participate in this endeavor - from providing capital to set up the infrastructure and sponsoring students, to contributing towards various other facilities and equipment, such as computer labs, sports facilities, transport facilities, library books for the children, etc.

Our combined initiative and support will make all difference in the life and future of rural children for whom a quality education is the only ladder that could help them and their families climb out of the abyss of poverty.